[FoRK] New game: The Movies

Jim Whitehead ejw
Thu Nov 17 16:25:44 PST 2005

Grand Text Auto ran an entry on a new game called "The Movies" today  
-- really fascinating cross between video games and movie making.


 From what I?ve read so far about The Movies, it?s primary gameplay  
is as a tycoon sim, about running a movie studio. While that gameplay  
is reportedly decent, the more interesting activity is the game- 
within-a-game of shooting your own movies ? ostensibly as a task for  
succeeding in the larger tycoon sim game, but more enjoyably just for  
fun, as a tool of self-expression, the product of which (2-3 minute  
video files) you can share with your friends on the online community.  
(In fact you can go to ?sandbox? mode and skip the tycoon sim game  
altogether, to just author little movies.)

How self-expressive can you be? Well, looks like you pick from an  
extensive pre-built library of cinematic shots and character types,  
that cover about five cinematic genres ? horror, action, love story,  
sci-fi, etc. From what I can tell from the reviews, you may not have  
much control over behavior of the characters within a shot, but you  
can dub whatever dialog you like into these shots (by recording your  
voice), change lighting, wardrobe and makeup (huge variety), actors?  
facial features (and plastic surgery), backdrops (huge variety),  
camera angles and perhaps focus / depth of field, add titles,  
subtitles and credits, and edit the timing of the shots in a  
simplified video editor. And, the system renders the ?film? in a  
variety of styles, from more old-time cinema with lots of scratches  
and grain to modern.

(click-though for screenshots)

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