[FoRK] Re: Apple, Apple, Apple...

Jeff Bone jbone
Mon Dec 5 13:23:28 PST 2005

(15)  One more thing...

(now down to nits, though IMHO strategically important ones)

If you haven't already driven him off, let Dominic Giampaolo do his  
thing.  Get serious about moving the filesystem forward.  Spotlight  
and the filesystem need to be DEEPLY integrated.  Until I can see a  
smart folder as a directory from a shell script, Spotlight's  
bullshit.  Give Dom free reign;  the job he did on this kind of thing  
a decade ago at Be is still the benchmark standard in how this stuff  
should work.  Make it happen.  Consider hiring that bright "Reiser"  
guy, too --- a bit unfocused but spot-on vision in this area.  And if  
they haven't all retired or gone to Google, go clean house w/ the  
Plan 9 guys.  Hell, hire *anybody you can find* who has ever even  
*booted* a Plan 9 system.  Those guys understand the promise of  
filesystems, too.  Back to the future...  Keywords:  distributed,  
semantic, dynamic, extensible, userspace, pluggable, stackable,  
transparent, replicated, etc.


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