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Luis Villa luis.villa
Fri Dec 9 11:32:28 PST 2005

On 12/9/05, rst at <rst at> wrote:
> Luis Villa writes:
>  > Hrm. I think you're generally right. There is still one general class
>  > (two?) of things where traditional corporations in software in general
>  > probably make sense.
>  >
>  > * extremely large projects whose building blocks are not loosely
>  > coupled, putting a premium on coordination- operating systems come to
>  > mind.
> Ummm... what is the single most visible open-source project in
> the world today?

Ah, I was unclear. I did not mean 'operating systems kernels', I meant
'the complete collection of software which we tend to call an
operating system, from the kernel up through the GUI level, and
including development tools.' The task faced by Red Hat, SUSE, etc.,
is still complex enough that the non-corporate competition (Debian and
Gentoo, primarily) frankly don't do that great a job of it, though
Debian is slowly getting better.

[You are right to point out that the biggest reason for the existence
of MS's OS group and Apple is no longer their expertise in putting
together the lower levels of the OS stack, where neither of them have
substantially innovated in in over a decade*, but rather primarily as
suppliers of developer APIs and as developers of basic UI.]


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