[FoRK] Re: birth control...?

Corinna corinna.schultz
Thu Dec 22 10:40:27 PST 2005

You're going to make me cry...

> At 11:41 AM 12/22/2005, Joe Barrera wrote:
>>When did you last bask in the sun, friends?
>>When did you last risk picking fruit and eating it straight from the tree?

Ahh, I want to move back to Oregon so bad... strawberries, backberries, 
blueberries, apples, cherries... red maple leaves, douglas fir trees, 

(In South Texas, the sun is an enemy. You don't bask, you escape. There are 
no trees worth eating fruit off of... Maybe avocados, if you can get the 
darn things to grow. I don't like cactus fruit, besides they're not trees. I 
don't like guava either - at least that's what I think is in my front 
yard... OK, maybe oranges, but the local oranges are only so-so.)


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