[FoRK] Re: High school curriculum

Corinna corinna.schultz
Wed Dec 28 11:15:19 PST 2005

"Damien Morton" <fork at bitfurnace.com> wrote in message
> In the 2 years I was there, I was taught cooking, basic car mechanics, 
> touch typing, basic japanese, basic indonesian, first aid and CPR, as well 
> as how to read weather charts and so forth. All these skills have proven 
> to be immensly usefull to me in later life.

Something that I will always feel regretful about is that I never took any 
vocational classes in high school. Electronics, for instance,  would have 
been really fascinating, if I'd only known about it. Unfortunately, there's 
a certain snobbishness about straight-A type kids taking vocational 
classes - the counselor never even told me about those classes. I even had 
two slots in my schedule my senior year with nothing to take (I ended up 
struggling through independent study in Spanish and Calculus BC).  I would 
have loved to learn something about plumbing, or masonry, or fixing a car.

I actually use very little of what I learned in school... Most of what I 
find useful and necessary to me life has been learned on my own - from 
books, other people, experience, or the Internet: finances, plumbing, 
carpentry, computers, parenting, health, nutrition, economics, 
relationships, politics... School probably gave me a bare minimum where it 
actually touched on any of these subjects.

Kind of makes you wonder what is the purpose of school? And what *should* be 
the purpose of school?

The nice thing about homeschooling is that we can teach whatever we feel is 
important, in any order we want, and to any depth we want...  Last weekend, 
I tried really hard to get my son to understand the idea and power of 
parameters. ( We made Turtle draw squares of various sizes -- next week we 
get to start working with equilateral triangles. Yea!) 

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