[FoRK] Testing for Mac's

Andy Armstrong andy
Fri Dec 30 09:29:20 PST 2005

On 30 Dec 2005, at 17:22, Kevin Elliott wrote:
> To the rendering engine?  Apple reworked things considerably to  
> create a userland framework for rendering, but I don't believe the  
> rendering engine itself changed that much.  If it has changed it's  
> to make it more tolerant, not less.  I'd be shocked if their is any  
> web page that Konqueror would render that Safari wouldn't.

This is off the top of my (post Christmas) head so I could be wrong -  
but I thought they'd done quite a bit in the way of fixing subtle CSS  
issues for the latest WebKit release. And WebKit's pretty much forked  
from KHTML isn't it?

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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