[FoRK] Iraq, yet again

Regina Schuman rschuman
Fri Dec 30 10:13:01 PST 2005

It's not about democracy.  It's about oil.*  It's about saying we want
stability while ensuring that civil war erupts.  It's about creating a
reason for being in Iraq when none exists. Wake up and smell the

(Go see Syriana.  Best nap I've had in a while, at least through the
first half.  Apres movie, despair.)

* SO much oil in Iraq.  Best oil around - clean, easy to get at.
However, [USA influence peddling / Saudi oil profits] > [Iraq +
democracy + human life]

Whenever a bushmonger tells me "better over there than here" I usually
tell them "absolutely!  now that we've done exactly what bin laden
wanted us to do (invade Iraq) there's nothing left for terrorists to

>>> "Corinna" <corinna.schultz at gmail.com> 12/28/2005 10:49:09 AM >>>
Maybe somebody can explain something to me (or point me to a good


Why are we forcing a bunch of tribal, disparate people with their own 
concerns to live together in a country which was created for them? Why
do we 
expect them to work together and have a national identity? Why should
expect people with a strong cultural history of family groups/loyalty,
to give all that up in the name of "democracy"? What is so bad about
Kurds having their own state, and the Shia having their own state, etc?

There's something I'm not getting (and mind, politics and history are
not my 
strong suit).


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