[FoRK] Iraq, yet again

Albert Scherbinsky albert
Sun Jan 1 16:24:22 PST 2006

There is a lot of history behind the current political
boundaries in the Middle East. As with all things
political they are largely an artifact of the will of
political powers at the time of their creation. For a
very long(1300 pages) history of this you can check

"The Great War for Civilisation, The Conquest of the
Middle East" by Robert Fisk

Here is a transcript from a recent interview with
Robert Fisk:


--- Corinna <corinna.schultz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe somebody can explain something to me (or point
> me to a good link)
> http://dailykos.com/story/2005/12/28/102647/79
> Why are we forcing a bunch of tribal, disparate
> people with their own 
> concerns to live together in a country which was
> created for them? Why do we 
> expect them to work together and have a national
> identity? Why should we 
> expect people with a strong cultural history of
> family groups/loyalty, etc 
> to give all that up in the name of "democracy"? What
> is so bad about the 
> Kurds having their own state, and the Shia having
> their own state, etc? 
> There's something I'm not getting (and mind,
> politics and history are not my 
> strong suit).
> -Corinna
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