[FoRK] We still don't have a name for this decade

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Jan 2 19:12:23 PST 2006

Triple-dub, but dub-dub-dub isn't bad either.

What kills me is when people try to add ".com" to the end of everything, 
even .org and .net addresses, not to mention .st, .us, etc.
On the other hand, I don't like to see something like: 
"mymovie.com/specialpath.htm".  It's not a URL without the "://".  We 
should have come up with a nice verbalization for "://" instead of 
"colon slash slash", or for the idiot/pedantics "colon forward-slash 

My vote is that the "://" is silent, the "www." is always optional 
(anyone who doesn't set that up is annoying), and all neologisms "dot, 
slash, bang, tic".  You should mention the protocol intended, although 
I'm ok with http as a default.  I suppose you could argue that it should 
be: "URL http ip.st".

http://ip.st -> "http ip.st".  IETF needs a URL/URN/URI pronunciation RFC.

And what about those people that include unquoted spaces in the URL???
The one problem with writing with URLs is that a URL at the end of a 
sentence must not be followed immediately by a period, but always space 
period.  Otherwise a URL scanner can't know whether the period is a dot 
or not.


aaron at bavariati.org wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 03, 2006 at 08:44:58AM +0800, James Tauber wrote:
>> double-yew-double-yew-double-yew for World Wide Web is 3x in syllable
>> count.
> Huh?  Whatchew mean?
> Dub-ya dub-ya dub-ya: 6 syllables.
> Whirr-uld why-ud way-ub: 6 syllables. 
> I picked up dub-dub-dub from watching Richard Metzger's interview show
> back in the day.  As a neologism, it sounded unnatural at the time, but
> it grew on me.  Of course, if the site's set up right, you can leave it
> off anyway.
> I still wince when I hear someone on the radio say, "Aitch-tee-tee-pee
> colon, or is that a semicolon, backslash backslash, double-you
> double-you double-you, period..."
> Whisky whisky whisky,
>   Aaron  (And yes, >I< know it's not a backslash.)
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