[FoRK] Re: High school curriculum

Corinna corinna.schultz
Tue Jan 3 12:30:21 PST 2006

I've got my own theories about why/how kids learn/don't learn. I've been 
heavily influenced by Montessori and John Holt. I taught high school for 3 
years here in Harlingen... Most kids come to high school with problems. The 
elementaries seem to be doing reasonably well, so I think it has something 
to do with 6th grade-9th grade... which just happens to correspond with 
puberty...  I think they need more cultural support. The adults around them 
to value learning or competence.

I've heard good things about some schools experimenting with keeping k-8 in 
a single school, with interactions among the children so the older ones feel 
like they're setting an example for the younger ones, and so forth. Common 
criticisms are the lack of specialized classes and equipment...

I'll let you know how the homeschooling experiment in our house turns out in 
10 years... :)


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