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Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Tue Jan 3 13:40:38 PST 2006

>From my own personal experience going through the
public school system here in Ontario, Canada, I found
that the quality of the teachers and curriculum had
everything to do with how well I did.

I did grade 7 in a 7-8 "junior high" as they call it
here. The teachers and the quality of the programs was
really excellent. I did really well and ranked second
in the school academically that year. I was stimulated
and challenged and excelled. My parents then moved to
another city where I did grade 8 in a K-8 where the
teachers were mediocre and the programs were a joke. I
barely scraped by. The lack of quality continued in
the high school there, were I got into truancy
problems and was suspended several times. In grade 11
after speaking with a guidance councillor I decided to
apply myself in spite of the crappy teachers, and by
grade 13 there were a few good teachers that
challenged me and I did well enough to get into a good


--- Corinna <corinna.schultz at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've got my own theories about why/how kids
> learn/don't learn. I've been 
> heavily influenced by Montessori and John Holt. I
> taught high school for 3 
> years here in Harlingen... Most kids come to high
> school with problems. The 
> elementaries seem to be doing reasonably well, so I
> think it has something 
> to do with 6th grade-9th grade... which just happens
> to correspond with 
> puberty...  I think they need more cultural support.
> The adults around them 
> to value learning or competence.
> I've heard good things about some schools
> experimenting with keeping k-8 in 
> a single school, with interactions among the
> children so the older ones feel 
> like they're setting an example for the younger
> ones, and so forth. Common 
> criticisms are the lack of specialized classes and
> equipment...
> I'll let you know how the homeschooling experiment
> in our house turns out in 
> 10 years... :)
> -Corinna
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