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Kevin Elliott k-elliott
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At 07:27 -0600  on  1/5/06, Corinna wrote:
>"Kevin Elliott" <k-elliott at wiu.edu> wrote in message
>>  Free Will.
>The Christian solution to the problem of evil seems self-contradictory. Has
>God willingly limited himself (and so is effectively no longer omni*) by
>having the requirement that people have free will? .. kind of like a writer
>willingly limits themselves when they write a haiku..

Again, what is god's goal?  If your goal is to create beings that 
choose to follow/worship/respect your ENTIRELY of their own choice, 
then their is no other way to do it than make a place for them to 
grow and let them loose.

Their's also the scale problem that this sort of approach falls too. 
How "bad" is earth?  We have NO idea.  We THINK it's a miserable 
place full of horror and suffering, but we also don't have any 
perspective on the matter.  If your truly going to live in paradise 
forever than the most horrible life imaginable is basically 
equivalent to the little shit who poked me in the 2nd grade.  It may 
not have been fun, but it's not something terribly relevant to my 
larger life...
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