[FoRK] Re: Re: birth control...?

Corinna corinna.schultz
Thu Jan 5 19:02:49 PST 2006

"Aaron Burt" <aaron at bavariati.org> wrote in message
> So what's keeping you?  High tech hiring is perking up again,

Money, for the time being...  Here, houses are practically free, and if I 
want a decent place when I move, I'll have to save up for it. Plus moving 
costs are significant.

Actually, I've bit the bullet and have a phone interview with Microsoft next 
week. (Part 2 in a long process, from what I understand)

fwiw, I *like* the misty, cloudy, overcast days... The perfect time to 
crunch through the maple leaves, and walk in the woods. The ferns 
practically glow on wet days...


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