[FoRK] Re: Re: A bit of religion - Problem of Evil

Russell Turpin deafbox
Thu Jan 5 19:06:41 PST 2006

"Zee Roe" <zero at rawbw.com>:
>>Free will does not exist -- between a "predictable"
>>environment and genetic makeup, how one will react to any event is 
>>entirely ordained..

"Corinna" <corinna.schultz at gmail.com>:
>Aha... But then what of quantum physics? ..

You're right, that the alternative to a deterministic
physics is a probabilistic physics. But if a deterministic
reaction causing a neuron to fire causing a person
to make a decision means that the choice wasn't
really "free," does it really change the moral or
normative account if the chain starts with a
chemical coin flip?

I think philosophers make a mistake when they
try to analyze political or personal freedom in
terms of physics, and that the changing theories
of physics are not going to help that.

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