[FoRK] "Free Will" is an oxymoron

Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Sat Jan 7 22:33:22 PST 2006

>From Wikipedia:

Furthermore, it is often held that the phrase "free
will" is, as Hobbes put it, "absurd speech", because
freedom is a power defined in terms of the will, which
is a thing?and so the will is not the sort of thing
that could be free or unfree. There is also the
question arising of any caused act being free or any
uncaused act being willed, leaving freewill an
oxymoron. Some argue that this alleged lack of
grounding for the concept of "free will" is at least
partly responsible for the perception of a
contradiction between determinism and liberty."

I would also add that the word nondeterminism is
sometimes used where I suspect indeterminism is meant.


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