[FoRK] Uncertainty and Religion

mattj at newsblip.com mattj
Sun Jan 8 12:46:51 PST 2006

Quoting Albert Scherbinsky <albert at softwarepress.com>:

> It doesn't say that the particle doesn't have
> both position and momentum at the same time, only that
> we don't know it. That science believes there are
> things which exist that we can't/don't know should at
> least leave the question of the existence of God an
> open question.

It's not a scientific question. It's a question for philosophy, and you 
can attempt it with logic, but not with science.  Because today's 
concept of a god is a thing that is beyond science.  No matter what 
experiment you perform, a proponent will say "ah, but my beyond-science 
being wouldn't be affected by that."  This ought to be clear.

As for Heisenberg's principle, it's not about what we can "know", as in 
"discover".  It's only about measurement, and it only applies to 
particles small enough to exhibit QM effects.

Here's an analogy. You're in front of a soda machine, with one quarter 
in your hand.   You can have *either* a Coke or a Sprite.  But not both.

-Matt Jensen

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