[FoRK] Testing for Mac's

Reza B'Far reza
Sun Jan 8 14:54:22 PST 2006

The biggest discrepencies I'm finding that are important at the moment
between browsers (I don't care much if the look-and-feel is a bit off here
and there) is AJAX related.

All three (IE, Safari, and FF) seem to work significantly differently :-(  I
personally use FF... but, IE seems to do better with AJAX...


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On 12/30/05, Kevin Elliott <k-elliott at wiu.edu> wrote:
> Not testing against IE for OSX would be a mistake.  It hasn't been
> updated recently, but it's still a standard part of every install and
> it still works fine.  I still occasionally use it if I'm having
> problems with a particular site.  At last check, Panther market
> penetration wasn't much over 50%, and anything older than Panther
> CAN'T use Safari.

Note that MacIE is explicitly EOL. I ONLY use IE for sites that some
doofus has programmed to ONLY accept IE. So, pretty much if it works
in FF and if it looks OK in the web Safari snapshot site, you're
probably OK. But then, you'll need to make it work in IE Win

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