[FoRK] We still don't have a name for this decade

Dave Long dave.long
Sun Jan 8 14:54:22 PST 2006

> Nobody talks about whole millenia.

... except when talking about ca. 500 - ca. 1500 AD, the "medieval" 
period, during which western civilisation was beset by problems both 
major (disruption of long distance trade and retreat into fear-oriented 
autarkies) and minor (decline in and ultimate loss of reply text 


:: :: ::

> "Fireworks are explosives and should be treated as such. They are 
> illegal in Ireland because they are simply not safe for use by the 
> general public [...]"

You might like Switzerland.  Fireworks are not only legal here, but
for National Day and the New Year it's possible to run down to the 
corner shop and pick up "Family-size" fireworks packages.

> My new years's resolution is to disregard all that shite and do a bit 
> more for those with simple needs, such as surviving.  That and climb a 
> big mountain.

My wife's said I'm not to attempt any 4000 more technical than the 
Maunas, but should any of you all feel up to Mont Blanc or Dufourspitze 
or another of our local peaks, we'll be happy to propose some 

> Forever young, I want to be forever young
> do you really want to live forever?

Perhaps an even better thing about this country is that my wife and I, 
despite our knowledge of Alphaville uncovered, are constantly being 
asked if we wish to take the "student discount".

cf. http://lair.xent.com/pipermail/fork/2003-April/020036.html

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