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Corinna corinna.schultz
Sun Jan 8 14:54:22 PST 2006

"Albert S." <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote in message
>I did grade 7 in a 7-8 "junior high" as they call it
>here. The teachers and the quality of the programs was
>really excellent. I did really well and ranked second
>in the school academically that year. I was stimulated
>and challenged and excelled.

I went to Albritton Middle School in Fort Bragg, NC, a 5-8 school. It was 
the best school I've ever gone to. Maybe the population had something to do 
with it (mostly military kids), maybe it was simply well-funded. I don't 
know.  The gifted program there was a pull-out math class and english class. 
The math class was work at your own pace. I was allowed to read sci fi in 
the english class. In 7th grade I was ready for Algebra, and wonder of 
wonders, they actually let me do it... It was the first truly difficult 
class I'd experienced, and I think I got Bs and Cs, but I really enjoyed it. 
Another highlight of my time there was the 6-week shop class, and the 
MathCounts contest.  In the computer-assisted-instruction lab (remember 
those?) I was working on a GED program. They even did a 6-week course in 
Logo (though I already knew BASIC, so it was easy).

Unfortunately, we moved to the Valley halfway through my 7th grade year, and 
I ended up going to Rio Hondo jr high. Ugh. I was there until the end of 8th 
grade and it was an almost utterly wasted 1.5 years of my life. Would you 
believe, they forced me to go into the 7th grade math class, even though the 
high school was 1 block away?? I ended up the year with an average of 100, 
and then they forced me to take 8th grade math. The only things I really 
learned were a few bits in science. The Valley being what it is, the kids 
hated me, too, so I had only a couple of friends (who were from outside the 
area), and I pretty much stuck to myself.  And then we moved to Florida 
(Rutherford High School, near Panama City), where I was in bliss for another 
3 years (took Calculus AB as a junior and got a 5 on the exam. Woo-hoo!). 
After which I moved back to Harlingen for my senior year. (I had to argue 
and argue to get my parents to let me live with my grandparents so I could 
avoid having to go back to Rio Hondo. Rio Hondo is a tiny town right near 

Yet another wasted year...  And somehow I ended up back here yet again... 
this time when I leave, I am not coming back, except to manage the 


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