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Eugen Leitl eugen
Sun Jan 8 14:54:23 PST 2006

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 08:59:47AM -0800, Kevin Elliott wrote:

> Again, what is god's goal?  If your goal is to create beings that 

Far more importantly, what is Easter Bunny's goal? 
What would Santa Claus do?

> choose to follow/worship/respect your ENTIRELY of their own choice, 
> then their is no other way to do it than make a place for them to 
> grow and let them loose.

Let's be practical: you have an ALife simulation, and these
co-evolving critters have progressed to a stage (along with much suffering,
red in tooth and claw) where they're leading wars, and torturing
each other.

Why did you do it? You're getting utility from it, just the
same as running Auschwitz for higher vertebrates, for delicious
meat, cut from their cadavers.
> Their's also the scale problem that this sort of approach falls too. 
> How "bad" is earth?  We have NO idea.  We THINK it's a miserable 

Of course we have an idea -- check out a hospital in the 3rd world.

> place full of horror and suffering, but we also don't have any 
> perspective on the matter.  If your truly going to live in paradise 

--> http://hedweb.org/

> forever than the most horrible life imaginable is basically 
> equivalent to the little shit who poked me in the 2nd grade.  It may 
> not have been fun, but it's not something terribly relevant to my 
> larger life...

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