[FoRK] A bit of religion - Problem of Evil

Albert S. albert.scherbinsky
Sun Jan 8 14:54:23 PST 2006

--- Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:

> (1) By virtue of omnipotence, a god, g1, could
> create a god, g2, who is identical in all regards
> to g1, except having no awareness of or access
> to g1. Note that "create" does not imply the
> two gods share any temporal dimension.
> (2) From g2's perspective, g2 is eternal and
> the ground of everything that exists.
> (3) Of course, any claim that g2 is the classic
> god is false, since g2 is a dependent being. g2
> cannot know this. But assuming omniscience,
> he knows that he cannot know this.
> (4) Which means g1 cannot know this either.
> For all g1 knows, there might be an ur-god,
> g0.
> Hence, no god can know that it is the ultimate
> god. This doesn't rule out all gods. As Bostrom
> describes, we might be simulations executed
> by our far advanced descendants, who to us,
> are as gods. But it rules out the classic god,
> the Allah, Elohim, I-am-that-I-am who is not
> only at the bottom of the chain, but knows
> he is at the bottom of the chain.

Nice argument. It shows that omnipotence and
omniscience are incompatible. It reminds me of the
argument that shows that the central premise of
"Intelligent Design" leads to an infinite sequence of
Gods. If Intelligence is a necessary precondition for
the creation of intelligent beings like humans(and
Gods), then even Gods necessarily require a creator.


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