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Yes, the telecomms have been betraying their customers since day one, 
and the ISPs are following that lead. Technology companies may begin
with pleasing their customers to get a foothold on the bigger market, then
when the big gov contracts start to come in, then to hell with the yokels.

And all plead there was no alternative, had to obey orders from the
meet obligations to stockholders, our competitors were doing it, and so on.

And you think the crypto companies and those peddling infosec services
are not doing that, not betting on their early reputation-building to see them
through suspicion they're doing what the big orgs are doing? Bullshit.

Where's the criticism not only of the old telecomm whores and new ISP
sluts but all the lesser known infosec rent-a-fucks eager to service
the homesec and counterterror acquisition johns, technologists obeying
the sales and financial wizards brought in to save the start-ups.

Yep, they accepted NDAs and secrecy agreements to get in on the
windfall. Hey, you got to eat, they say, then getting fatter, say hey,
you got to eat well so why not flummox the yokels with security scares
and warnings about suspecting all others except them.

That's the natsec way of doing business, now the infosec way, the
crypto way.

Backdoors, a little hole in the code, blow some smoke, blow some
sunshine, blame implementation, sloppy password selection, rail that
perfect security is impossible, what you need is 24x7 protection, so 
who will ever know but us experts, want a job, damn we're busy.

NSA is far from the only problem, nor the feds, nor the enemy, nor 
competitors, but perfect scapegoats from day one for all those
betraying their customers and believers.

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