[FoRK] Re: A bit of religion - how many bits in a soul?

Karl Anderson kra
Sun Jan 8 14:54:24 PST 2006

Dave Long <dave.long at bluewin.ch> writes:

> Daedelus once suggested that one should be able to spot the moment when 
> the soul left the body at death by very precise observation: given 
> unique souls, one would need at least 40 bits/soul, and the 
> instantaneous loss of that information could, in theory, be detected by 
> a blip in some measurable (mass? temperature?).

Complicated by the fact that we don't know when the bits are
reclaimed.  The field observations of the Catholic researcher Dante
say that it can happen years before death.  Instead, look for
differences when the soul *enters* the body; the publishings of more
recent scholars of the same school put this at an exact time, and
there are only two cells to monitor.

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