[FoRK] Better than McCain-Feingold...

Russell Turpin deafbox
Sun Jan 8 14:54:24 PST 2006

Well, that's not saying much. McCain-Feingold sucks.
It has real free speech issues. It doesn't work. And
it is complex.

Here's a better solution: require all political donations
to go through a donation anonymizer. People can
donate as much as they want. The designated
politicians will get what is donated. But the politicians
will never be able to know who donated how much.
(Yeah, yeah, of course, the donations willl have to
be sliced and time-shifted and otherwise obscured
to make the anonymizer effective. We can do this.
We have the technology.)

Of course, a lobbyist or fat-cat can always tell their
favorite politician that it was them who donated
$100K to their campaign. And the politician can
believe that. But thanks to the mandatory
donation anonymizer, it will remain a matter of


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