[FoRK] For Joe's dating profile. Or something

Joe Barrera joe
Sun Jan 8 14:54:24 PST 2006

Bitch | Lab wrote:

>  9) I know I got your attention now, but wait it gets better. He won't
>  cheat on you either. You don't believe me? Here's a test. Place the
>  sexiest woman on earth in a room with a geek, say Angelina Jolie in a
>  Victoria Secret sexy lingerie. At the other corner of the room, place
>  the latest model of some computer or other. I am willing to bet my

Hell, I don't even know what Angelina Jolie looks like or what
she does (Actress? Model?) The name is familiar, I'll admit.

She's not dating that actor from Fight Club, is she?

- Joe

P.S. Thanks for thinking of me :-)

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