[FoRK] For Joe's dating profile. Or something

Wilkin, Kurt Kurt.Wilkin
Sun Jan 8 14:54:24 PST 2006

Joe Barrera wrote:
> Hell, I don't even know what Angelina Jolie looks like or what
> she does (Actress? Model?) The name is familiar, I'll admit.

Slashdot-game-geek fame for playing the Tomb Raider character 
in a movie. (This makes her an enabler of the "vindicated! See, 
if everyone else likes the same stuff we do, thats kinda like
they like us too!" vote)

And everyone knows that the geeky guy is going to see Ms. Jolie,
realise he hasn't got a chance and go look at porn.

But, the point of this is to be careful with using the 
'fix-your-computer' angle : most people know about mechanics
cars, hairdressers hairstyles, and unfortunately, lump the 
uberboxen with a Terabyte of raid-0 disk, that can boot one 
of each of the BSD's, BEOS, EROS and Plan-9 into the same 

And Scoble the marketing dude is a geek?
Geez, they let anyone in these days.

> She's not dating that actor from Fight Club, is she?

Thats too hard for me.

Cheers, Kurt.
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