[FoRK] Is it lin-ucks, or line-icks?

Corinna corinna.schultz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 09:15:24 PST 2006

What is the appropriate way to say it?  I learned it as line-icks, way back 
in college, but it seems as though everyone says it the other way. But, the 
"everyone" who says it that way, that I've heard, are the technician-types, 
so I'm not sure I should trust that they have a clue.

So I would like to not sound like an idiot...  How should I pronounce it?

(And, yes, I've heard the recording of Linus saying it, but, you know, he's, 
like, a *foreign* guy with a funny accent... :)  I'm not sure I can go 
around saying it lee-nooks... )


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