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Mon Jan 16 12:47:36 PST 2006

I've been slahsdotted! Woot! Mostly as part of an article about TampaBLAB, 
an aggregator blog for the Bay area. The article is about building 
community via technology and Limo mentions a few area blogs while he's at it.

Rob Limo's article "Building the "Social Internet" From the Outside In" 

And I have to say that, I've been meaning to write something up, after I 
start up my stint covering the local business beat for a community blog, 
about how the way Brett set this up. It's built a tremendous amount of 
community in the local area. With all the emphasis on uniting people 
globally, what this does is move that back in. More on that later, I have 
to get back to work.

If you know of any other area that's aggregating a geographical blog 
community like this, let me know.

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