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Albert S. albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com
Mon Jan 16 15:47:19 PST 2006

One problem with Eurobonds is that interest rates in
Europe are very low. If you want to take a bit more
risk in a diversified basket of European/Asian stocks
then EFA is one way to go. In fact I have a position
in EFA. I should tell you that I am a trader and am in
and out of things relatively quicky, so your results
may vary.

Those who think the world is going to hell on the down
escalator marked HELL are buying gold hand over fist.
I have traded gold stocks with some success, however
if you look at the very long term returns on gold
stocks you will see they are not a good long term

Of course, the very best hedge against the Iran
situation is oil and oil stocks. Americans can buy
those in a basket through XLE.


--- Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> wrote:

> Since we all know what's about to happen with
> Iran/Oil/Debt/Bush on or 
> before March 20th, and that we'll be wishing the
> $100-bill was 
> redesigned with more practical metrics like
> absorbency and softness in 
> mind, since it will be cheaper then using toilet
> paper...
> Do any FoRKers know good ways to buy
> euro-denominated bonds and other 
> assets without a trip to euroland? None of the usual
> suspects seem to 
> deal in such things.
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