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Damien Morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Thu Jan 19 10:33:52 PST 2006

Corinna wrote:
> "Damien Morton" <fork at bitfurnace.com> wrote in message
>> Over the last few years ive been throwing out a theory of conciousness, 
>> mostly as a joke, that conciousness is a parasite furiously explaining and 
>> justifying its existance, pretending to be in control
> I think that perhaps there's something to this... Why do we require a sense 
> of meaning (to one degree or another) in order to go about our lives? Why do 
> people shy at the idea of being an animal, even though it's pretty obvious 
> that most of what we do and are as a species is a result of our "animal" 
> nature...
> For a certain number of us, our "mind" or "consiousness" or something, 
> causes us to make really strange choices, that a more pragmatic, 
> self-preserving animal might not make.  Sartre comes to mind here.
> My personal theory is that evolution hasn't had enough time to really work 
> on intelligence and so we're not very well integrated rght now. The more 
> intelligent you are, the more disconnect there seems to be, and so there 
> ensues a struggle to maintain sanity (in the more extreme cases).

By rights I should be on a 10-day vipassna meditation retreat 
(www.dhamma.org) right now. Unfortunately, various family dramas 
interceded to prevent this.

10 days of no-mind (and no-drama). Just being. What bliss. What a shame.

I think I need to make sure I keep my bi-decadic burst of motivation and 
get into the next one. Maybe I can retain the no-smoking discipline too.


Going to meditate now and then sleep.

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