universal values Re: [FoRK] bin Laden offers truce

Udhay Shankar N udhay at pobox.com
Thu Jan 19 17:40:35 PST 2006

At 06:45 AM 1/20/2006, Dr. Ernie Prabhakar wrote:

>Coming from an Indian background, and seeing what the British did
>(with all their flaws), I'd have to say yes.  Of course as a
>Christian I'm somewhat biased, but I'm curious how many people here
>think it was "cultural imperialism" to ban widow-burning?

Ernie, I'm not trying to flame, but this is an old, old kind of 
argument - tie the tainted object to a sacred cow.

To use a different example: how many people think it is "invasion of 
privacy" for the government to root through your google clicktrail 


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