[FoRK] Re: universal values Re: bin Laden offers truce

Corinna corinna.schultz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 05:34:19 PST 2006

> f) legally forbidding some forms of pornography

For me, I don't think porn per se is the issue, so much as the exploitation 
that happens when you involve children or people who don't consent (or are 
otherwise forced into it). I'm not sure why looking at the images should be 
criminalized, since you haven't hurt anyone. Maybe it counts as paying 
someone to hurt somebody else? What if the porn is free? I don't think that 
should be criminal...

The people who create the porn, who hurt children or whoever, are the 
criminals, I would think, not the people who look.

I think I just don't get the reasoning behind criminalizing this kind of 
stuff (aside from the moral issue, which I don't think should be the sole 
basis for criminalization).


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