universal values Re: [FoRK] bin Laden offers truce

Damien Morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Fri Jan 20 18:28:59 PST 2006

> That's why I was interested in Stephen (and Rusell's) definition of 
> "justifiable intervention" -- I'm curious if people have a defensible 
> and consistent rationale for what can be validly imposed, rather than 
> assuming it is a binary choice.

Not sure that theres _any_ possible notion of validity.

There is, however, the notion of reality. That is, any nation not 
sufficiently well armed and organised enough will eventually be 
conquered and colonised by one that is.

This goes doubly if you happen to have a lot of a highly valuable and 
dwindling resource under your feet.

Getting back to the 50 millisecond thing - I think we can all agree that 
the basic urges of "destroy what you fear", "take what you want" will be 
the operative ones, and that any justifications etc are just that.
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