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Photonic power using optical cables, usually fat, unshielded, and 
brightly glowing, has been part of many trashy Sci-Fi shows and movies.

Opto22 has been around for a long time, producing optical isolated 
input/output industrial modules.  I used them in the GE Lighting project 
in 1984.

Cool that they are commercializing this well.  I would suspect that one 
issue would be laser hazards of loose optical fiber.  A few watts of 
light spewing from a fiber could become quite dangerous, let alone 
hundreds of watts.  I suppose you could build in a dynamic feedback loop 
to squelch power, just like a gas pump nozzle only reversed, like a 
dead-man's-switch.  In fact, you could receive a heartbeat signal back 
to validate the whole power processing structure to prevent overloads of 
a crashed system or misrouted cables.  If they haven't patented it, 
that's my contribution.  ;-)


Rohit Khare wrote:
> Ping of death, anyone? :)
> Amazing that this wasn't thought of earlier for undersea repeaters, 
> much less the other applications this hints at... RK
> Begin forwarded message:
>> "Powering Electronics with Light"
>> Jan-Gustav Werthen, Ph.D; JDSU Photonic Power Group
>> Thursday, 16 February 2006, 4 PM, George E. Pake Auditorium, Palo Alto,
>> CA.
>> This forum is OPEN to the public.
>> Led by Dr. Jan-Gustav Werthen, JDSU is pioneering the development of
>> Photonic Power for the delivery of electricity over fiber optic cable.
>> Photonic Power is an inventive power delivery system whereby light from
>> a laser source illuminates a highly efficient photovoltaic power
>> converter to produce electrical power. Photonic Power can power
>> electronic circuitry in a wide variety of industries without the need
>> for copper or coaxial cable, batteries, transformers or solar panels,
>> paving the way for remote power delivery with 100 percent electrical
>> isolation. Photonic Power delivers isolated power that is immune to RF,
>> EMI, high voltage and lightning. Photonic Power technology can be
>> leveraged across multiple markets, including medical, wireless
>> communications, electrical power, industrial sensor, and aerospace
>> applications. More than 10,000 units have been deployed to date, serving
>> more than 50 customers, including Siemens, Raytheon, ETS Lindgren, and
>> NEC.
>> Dr. Werthen will give an overview of this technology and offer insights
>> into potential uses. Dr. Werthen has shepherded Photonic Power from a
>> nascent idea to a potentially disruptive innovation that is now backed
>> by the strength of a billion dollar company. His talk will include a
>> look back at that process, including steps leading up to the acquisition
>> of his company by JDSU in June, 2005.
>> Jan Werthen is Director of Engineering for JDSU's Photonic Power
>> business. Werthen is recognized as a leader in the design of
>> photovoltaic power devices with more than 20 years of optoelectronic
>> design experience. Werthen began his professional career at Xerox's
>> famed Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in the laser diode group that
>> later became SDL. At Varian Associates, Werthen established a
>> world-renowned semiconductor device group. Over six years, he grew this
>> group into a potent and well-recognized solar cell team, setting
>> numerous world records in solar cell conversion efficiency. In 1991,
>> Werthen helped engineer the sale of this group to Kopin Corporation. In
>> association with this transaction, Werthen acquired a small piece of
>> technology around the so-called photovoltaic power converter, a core
>> device in optically powered applications. Beginning in 1992, Werthen
>> grew his start-up company, Photonic Power Systems, Inc., into a
>> world-recognized entity serving a variety of applications in the
>> medical, electric power, sensor and wireless markets. Photonic Power
>> Systems was acquired by JDSU in 2005 and is, at present, the only
>> commercial provider of power over optical fiber. Werthen is author or
>> co-author of more than 50 technical papers on photovoltaic devices.
>> Werthen earned his M.S. degree in Applied Physics from Chalmers
>> Institute of Technology in Goteborg, Sweden, and a second M.S. degree
>> and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Stanford University.
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