[FoRK] TRAVELMAN -- a new low :)

Rohit Khare < rkhare at commerce.net > on > Mon Mar 6 06:42:52 PST 2006

... [Hit 'send' prematurely] ...

$80 later, I'm back here at the gate now. I regret that I didn't think to invite the other fella home for a nap, the same as I had. Sure, I was embarassed by the disrepair of our home between all this traveling - both of the last two cabbies who picked up my luggage asked if I was moving out (in retrospect, all too logically, for a middle-of-the-night dispatch!) But that's not much of an excuse given the utter improbability of a homeless guy making up a story alone in an airport at 3 am.

Next time, I hope I'd at least offer more of myself. But in an age of confessional lend-me-your-ears sorts of support and caring, I'd like to think my own special brand of caring by listening is handing out earplugs :)

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