[FoRK] Re: yet another story about my kid

Udhay Shankar N < udhay at pobox.com > on > Tue Mar 7 08:40:19 PST 2006

At 07:23 PM 3/7/2006, Corinna wrote:

>I think that is so true. It's a shame so many kids spend way too much time
>in unproductive activities. It's a shame that so many parents don't take
>their parenting job seriously...

While you don't seem like the kind of parent Zappa is lampooning 
below, I find the use of the word "unproductive" somewhat disturbing. 
In whose eyes?

...the single-child yuppo-family that uses the child
as a status object: `A perfect child? Of course!
We have one here -- he's under the coffee table.
Ralph, stand up! Play the violin!'
-Frank Zappa 

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