[FoRK] Re: yet another story about my kid

Marty Halvorson < marty at halvorson.us > on > Tue Mar 7 20:08:25 PST 2006

"Regina Schuman" <rschuman at jfcsjax.org> wrote in message
 > at this juncture i'm gonna ask:  how many of you on this list were
 > "difficult" teens?

I don't know.  Does staying out all night, not doing homework but still 
getting reasonable grades, and wandering the streets till all hours 
constitute "difficult"?  If that's all it takes, then I was difficult.

If getting in trouble with the law, ingesting illegal substances 
(ignoring the very occasional alcoholic beverage), or making babies 
constitutes being difficult, then I wasn't.

Marty Halvorson
marty at halvorson.us

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