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At 12:35 AM 3/8/2006, Joe Barrera wrote:
>Marty Halvorson wrote:
>>  "Regina Schuman" <rschuman at jfcsjax.org> wrote in message
>> > at this juncture i'm gonna ask:  how many of you on this list were
>> > "difficult" teens?
>>  I don't know.  Does staying out all night, not doing homework but
>>  still getting reasonable grades, and wandering the streets till all
>>  hours constitute "difficult"?  If that's all it takes, then I was
>>  difficult.
>Yeah, me too.
>How about reading fiction for ten hours straight?
>Guilty on that count as well.

So totally guilty on all counts. But 10 hrs? That's all? Some books, I'd 
keep reading and reading 'til I finished the sucker. Plus, I used to skip 
school to study for the AP exams, etc. Why? Because what a bore class was. 
All that mattered was good SATs and APs and finals. When warm weather came, 
I was at the pool, peeking at the lifeguard, a geeky hottie bio major, from 
behind my books.

I'd skip school to do other 'fun' things, but more often than not, I 
skipped school and spent the day at the library learning the things I 
wanted to learn, not the crap I had to endure in HS.

Trouble? Unlike my younger sister, I knew how to cover my tracks when I 
threw the beer blasts or skipped out to party. I mean, duh. If you start 
out forging the notes at the b/g of HS, then no one ever knows mom's 
signature. And hiding the grass in the sock drawer: Puhleaaaaaaaaase. Hide 
it, a la Purloined Letter, right in front of mom and dad's face. Geez!

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