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On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 06:16:59PM -0500, rst at ai.mit.edu wrote:

> Or it could be that the "stealth" aspect is taking priority over
> "speed".  Imagine a network of very high-altitude, highly stealthy
> drones, each capable of staying in the air for a week or more, but not


Arguably an ultralight stratospheric UAV platform would be nigh-invisible.

But a satellite would be invisible, too.

> particularly fast.  You could keep several dozen of these things up in
> the air, stationed at various points over the globe, and have one of
> them pretty near whatever you needed to look at whenever you needed to
> look, without them needing to be nearly as fast as the Blackbird.

All high-MACH devices will have a plasma plume, which is impossible
to stealth.
> The Hiller Museum in Redwood City has something like this --- the
> Condor drone, made by Boeing, which could operate above 65,000 feet
> for several days.  That was in the '80s, IIRC...

Things don't grow into the sky anymore -- all budgets are being cut.
Maybe even the black ones. Maybe the spaceplane isn't there because
it's simply not there.

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