[FoRK] archives: blackstar, the supposed two-stage spaceplane

rst at ai.mit.edu < rst at ai.mit.edu > on > Wed Mar 8 04:25:28 PST 2006

Eugen Leitl writes:
 > > particularly fast.  You could keep several dozen of these things up in
 > > the air, stationed at various points over the globe, and have one of
 > > them pretty near whatever you needed to look at whenever you needed to
 > > look, without them needing to be nearly as fast as the Blackbird.
 > All high-MACH devices will have a plasma plume, which is impossible
 > to stealth.

Which is why I thought you'd want a fleet of things more like the
Condor, or the solar-powered UAVs mentioned in the Navy press release
you pointed out, which are obviously subsonic (both straight-winged).
If you've got a fleet of them, widely distributed, none of them ever
has to traverse large distances quickly, and (relatively) slow-moving
objects are a whole lot easier to stealth.


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