[FoRK] mod_pubsub way ahead of its time: Comet solves Ajax-envy

Lucas Gonze < lgonze at panix.com > on > Wed Mar 8 17:57:22 PST 2006

Digressing --

It seems to me that the term "AJAX" directs attention away from what is 
unique and important about the underlying trend.  The thing that is unique 
and important is bringing Unix-ish / FOSS ways of working to browser apps.

In this case, for example, something wrapped up under the AJAX topic is in 
fact not asynchronous at all.


On Wed, 8 Mar 2006, Ken Meltsner wrote:

> Recent presentation at the O'Reilly ETech conference highlighted
> "Comet," which is a new name for an old trick: using an open HTTP
> connection to send data to clients, rather than using polling like
> ajax.
> Seems like it's kind of old-hat, with nothing new but the name, but
> people are thinking about scalability issues (threading!) and other
> subtleties, so it's not all old hat.
> http://alex.dojotoolkit.org/?p=545
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