[FoRK] Suicide-by-Stilton: some bits on MAOI antidepressants

Joe Barrera < joe at barrera.org > on > Wed Mar 8 18:45:57 PST 2006

Ken Meltsner wrote:

>  MAO inhibitors are still around; [...]

No kidding! Imagine my surprise when I read this today:


FDA OKs Patch to Treat Depression
/Using Emsam in Lower Doses May Avoid Concerns About Drug Interactions/

By Miranda Hitti, WebMD Medical News
Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD on Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Feb. 28, 2006 -- The FDA has approved the first skin patch for use in 
treating major depression.

The once-a-day patch, called Emsam, works by delivering selegiline, a 
monoamine oxidase inhibitor or MAOI, through the skin and into the 

Selegiline isn't a new drug. It was initially approved in capsule form 
for use in Parkinson's disease.

Like other MAOIs, selegiline has carried warnings about possible 
dangerous interactions with certain foods and drinks, including aged 
cheeses and tap beer. The new patch's lowest dose may avoid some of 
those interactions.

"At its lowest strength, Emsam can be used without the dietary 
restrictions that are needed for all oral MAO inhibitors that are 
approved for treating major depression," states an FDA news release.

However, higher doses of the patch require dietary restrictions, and all 
of the doses carry other cautions.


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