[FoRK] mod_pubsub way ahead of its time: Comet solves Ajax-envy

Lucas Gonze < lgonze at panix.com > on > Wed Mar 8 18:46:14 PST 2006

XMLHTTP is almost completely irrelevant.  It was only important in that 
users had a gee-whiz payoff from the accomplishments of the client-side 
hackers.  Those accomplishments came from somewhere else -- bringing the 
discipline of FOSS development over from Gnu/Linux to apps hosted in the 

In effect the browser hosted running environment was just another fucked 
up flavor of unix to wrapper and turn into something orderly, albeit one 
without POSIX.

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Damien Morton wrote:

> Well, yes all of those and more. Dynamically loaded scripts were also used, 
> as were dynamically loaded data in the style of JSON.
>> I think the magic ingredient was the IE ActiveX component (XMLHTTP),
>> which was then (re)implemented in Mozilla/Firefox.  Before that, you
>> had to use stone knives, bear skins, and hidden IFRAMEs.
>> Ken

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