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Please help googlebomb this asshat.


A S. Dakota politician explains that he can imagine some cases in which an 
abortion may be provided to a rape victim. Now, this is a guy who really 
does seem to be getting off -- completely -- on the description of the kind 
of woman deserving of <del>abortion</del> birth control. I invite you to 
list all the characteristics she must have and what the rape should be like 
in order for her to be eligible in this fuckstick's mind.

So, help me out. We're starting the Google bomb campaign against this <a 
asshat</a>, Senator William M. Napoli.

Copy and paste this code, below, into your blog or Web site.

Send it to email lists that accept HTML mail.

If you have no blog, post about it as a comment at the blog of political 
allies so they can help.

Oh, and put him on your blogroll where it will get picked up by Technorati 
and Truth Laid Bear.

asshat&lt;/a&gt;, Senator William M. Napoli</code>.

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