[FoRK] mod_pubsub way ahead of its time: Comet solves Ajax-envy

Lucas Gonze < lgonze at panix.com > on > Thu Mar 9 17:35:32 PST 2006

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Damien Morton wrote:
> Ahem. Bullshit. This has nothing to do with unix, and everything to do with 
> subverting the W3C page-at-a-time model of the user experience, transforming 
> it into a rich-client model (which has traditionally been the domain of 
> Microsoft).
> I think you're really reaching to make AJAX (I hate that term) a UNIX/FOSS 
> thing.

I'm not saying that AJAX is about POSIX, and I'm not saying that the FOSS 
community is bring un*x to javascript.  If we're talking on that literal a 
level, I would just say that AJAX is boring and go do something else.

I am saying that the aspect of AJAX which is not boring is that the 
developers of code which runs in a browser matured enough to start 
controlling their own fate.  And when I say "those developers over there, 
the ones who matured enough" I mean not just the ones in northern 
california but also the ones everywhere else in the US, in Europe, in 
Asia, etc, all the way out to the interplanetary internet whenever we 
finally manage to offshore that far.

What these developers achieved was to make a framework for rich clients 
which can operate robustly at internet scale, meaning for everybody 

> Certainly, it gives the UNIX/FOSS community a way to present 
> cobbled-together rich-client applications to predominantly windows users, but 
> its going to be extremely hard to beat a purpose-built rich-client browsing 
> environment (such as the one Microsft is currently prepping in the form of 
> XAML, whose dominance is far from assured, but whose capabilities far 
> outstrip HTML with or without AJAX).

The Windows API allows purpose-built rich-clients already, but that's 
rather smaller than internet scale.  XAML may eat Flash's market share, 
but that is the whole market it is addressing.

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