[FoRK] World vs. Islam vs. World

Owen Byrne < owen at permafrost.net > on > Fri Mar 10 23:47:42 PST 2006

11 layer! Just call the layers goalie,  fullback, left halfback, right 
halfback, ... striker. and you'll bring the world together.

>>>> The issue on the table is world war between arab and caucasion (or  
>>>> muslim and christian) countries.  That's why this is a story.
> That's the =plan= though, so it can't possibly be so.
> For myself, I am planning on capturing the popular favor of the 
> middle  east and west with a religion postulating the superiority of 
> an 11-layer  network stack which must never be put to ISO, 
> vegetarianism that considers  critters and manufacturing plants as 
> vegetable, universal agronomy bits,  wednesday colloquia, and an 
> annual festival of human powered flight.
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