[FoRK] This Crazy World, Part One: Dangerous Subjects

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Sat Mar 11 21:44:44 PST 2006

(NOTA BENE:  this is the first in a series of postings about an  
entirely insane occurrence in my life over the last two weeks, my  
response to it, and various tangential thoughts / semi-conclusions  
drawn from it.  I'm writing this up and posting it to FoRK for three  
reasons:  first and foremost is entertainment value.  As dark as this  
series of events has been, there's a certain hilarity to the whole  
thing.  Second, it's a cautionary tale coupled with a degree of self- 
exploration that together result in, perhaps, surprising  
conclusions.  And third, there are perhaps various extrapolations  
from this whole series of events that are noteworthy.  Enjoy, be  
scared, be informed, whatever.  This is a very LONG message, as will  
be subsequent messages on this topic;  but I hope to reward you for  
reading each of these in terms of entertainment value, if nothing else.)

(My apologies up front for any typos, logical mishaps, etc.  I'm  
trying to deliver a large amount of data in an admittedly excited  

I have a serious cyber-stalking incident going on, that - I believe -  
poses a credible and serious threat to my well-being.  The perp in  
question is the "dangerous subject" of the title of this post.  This  
post is the initial part of the story of my cyber-stalking, in loose  
narrative form.  For the purposes of this discussion, I will call the  
individual who is criminally harassing me "Shane."  Stick with this  
all the way through;  the first part is boring but I PROMISE that  
this gets A LOT more interesting.


About 10 years ago, while Active Paper was still in the PDA business  
(i.e., before we shifted to Activerse and the online community  
business) I hired an extremely talented, very young user interface  
developer from California.  Shane had a very impressive portfolio and  
disproportionate resume for his age --- he'd worked for Apple and for  
Motorola previously and done impressive and publicly-visible work,  
though for very short tenures at all former employers, but I (an  
inexperienced hiring manager at the time) chalked that up to age- 
related restlessness and ambition --- acceptable things, if not  
good.  Both my technical co-founder and our head non-founder techie  
at the time interviewed and interacted with him extensively before he  
was hired.  And so, with unanimous enthusiasm, we hired him.

Shane was relocated from California to Austin with the intent of  
putting him on PDA software.  We'd managed a first release of Presto!  
Links 1.0, the first (AFAIK) web browser to run on mobile, handheld  
devices.  At the time, tables were interpreted in idiosyncratic ways  
in various browsers, and the first task that we gave to Shane was to  
implement HTML tables per the de facto spec as implemented in the  
prevailing browsers at the time ('96-'97).  Despite months, he was  
unable to complete this.  During this effort on his part, Active  
Paper sold the PDA product line to General Magic and exited (for lack  
of a clear market opportunity / leader at the time) the PDA software  
space.  We also acquired another startup, changed the company name to  
Activerse, shifted business to the buddy list space, and I turned the  
reins as VP Engineering over to a more seasoned development manager  
who we brought in with the acquisition.

Despite months of effort, Shane never completed a working tables  
implementation, even during the contract transition period post-our  
sale to GenMagic.  Furthermore, even once we shifted him to other  
endeavors he never completed *anything* in terms of shippable code.   
Shane was, however, possibly redeemed at Java One, the first year Sun  
held it;  a hallway conversation between the two of us resulted in my  
complete 180 and effort to refocus the company on a previous interest  
of mine, namely online community.  To the extent that Activerse  
(admittedly in parallel with several other companies) "invented"  
buddy lists and instant messaging as a killer app, Shane was one of 3  
of us who can rightly be said to be responsible for that.  (The other  
is, of course, our own Gordon Mohr.)

Despite that, Shane's tenure at Activerse was short-lived.  As a  
chronic pothead and slacker, and despite his talent and passion, he  
was unable to get anything done.  After approximately a year of  
tenure (this is long ago, I don't have records handy --- plus/minus 6  
months) our new VP of Engineering had had enough, and fired Shane  
with my blessing and support.  I personally hoped this would be a  
wake-up call and turn him around;  I would have happily seen this  
person re-employed or employed at some place where his obvious  
talents would've been effectively leveraged.  He was, indeed, *that  

This was not to be.  After months of helping Shane every way I could  
in terms of finding contract or other work, he ultimately moved back  
to California (Bay Area).  I more-or-less lost track of him at that  
point, though I periodically received e-mails from him every 3-9  
months or so and a volley of amicable messages would ensue.  During  
this time, Shane moved around a lot:  Bay Area, L.A., Fiji, Hawaii,  
Australia:  the common theme was lack of even medium-term  
employability, and the geographic gravity-well seemed to be the Bay  

And that's where things were, up until 2-3 years ago or so.  His  
decline, and our ascent to the current high-tension phase of the  
relationship, commenced at that point --- 2-3 years ago --- as  
follows.  About 3 years ago Shane started copying me on increasingly- 
bizarre messages.  Basically, Shane's drug use had escalated from  
regular pot and occasional methamphetamines to regular use of  
ketamine, gamma-hydroxybutyrate, and other extremely neurotoxic  
substances.  At this point in time, Shane's messages seemed to  
indicate that he was beginning to fail to distinguish between drug- 
induced hallucinations / misperceptions and reality.  After  
attempting to "talk him through" several episodes during this phase,  
I became frustrated and realized that I, really, didn't have a "dog  
in this hunt."  I advised him, very clearly and sternly, to stop  
communicating with me unless he somehow got his shit together.

Shane and I continued to correspond in an infrequent / bursty pattern  
- 10s of messages episodically, every 3-6 months - over the next year  
os so.  And here I break to extrapolation about the chain of events  
in Shane's life.  Apparently:  about 2 years ago, Shane (after a  
series of profound ketamine-induced drug experiences) hooked up with  
some rather cultish figures.  At the time he was apparently living in  
a fairly-expensive apartment with view on Nob Hill in San Francisco  
--- indicative of the fact that while he couldn't hold a job for any  
length of time, he was still able regularly to procure high-ish  
paying jobs at least in a quality assurance role in the software  

His mental state declined precipitously, AFAIK, at that point.   
Shane's messages started having a decidedly insane tin-foil beanie  
quality:  conspiracies, UFOs, black-budget and black-ops themes, Area  
51 / Groom Lake, etc.  Notably, at this point, Shane began telling me  
that he was seeing "extra-dimensional beings" that were communicating  
with him during his trips.  He admonished me to "learn about the  
floor" --- to take ketamine so that I could also receive the  
revelations and perceive the things that he was experiencing.  I of  
course declined, and advised him to stop the drug use, get some help,  
and form a good skeptical barrier between "subjective" and "objective."

His contacts became less frequent and unacceptably bizarre and  
belligerent.  As of about a year and a half ago, he'd apparently  
fallen in with a cult with some very bizarre beliefs.  I elide these  
beliefs as they are elaborated below;  the net result of this is that  
--- unknown to me until about 10 days ago --- Shane moved from the  
Bay Area to the Mt. Shasta, California* area to "study" with one of  
these cult leaders.  About a year ago, I had an episode of contact  
from him that blew out my "freak" meter.  I advised him to stop  
contacting me, and had not (to my knowledge thanks to mail filtering  
technology) heard from him since April-May of last year, up until  
March 1st, 2006.  At which point, all hell broke loose.

On Wednesday, March 1st, in the early afternoon CST, I started  
receiving a variety of messages from Shane.  I won't go into how I  
noticed these in depth --- it involved a mail filter that he defeated  
by setting up his own filter, ultimately resulting in an infinite  
loop of hundreds of messages, golf-ball-room-full-of-mouse-traps  
style --- but the net of it is that this most recent episode had  
crossed the line legally.  In the last 10 days Shane / his cult has  
threatened to kidnap me, torture me, and murder me repeatedly.  And  
here's where it gets --- GOOD.

I will at this point attempt to describe what Shane believes that  
motivates his insane behavior, as I understand it currently.

Shane believes that he is a psychic extraterrestrial angel from  
another dimension / the future.  He believes that he is part of some  
ET angelic forces that have been sent to prosecute "the enemy" (more  
later) and / or help this world transition from its current  
physical / social / metaphysical / spiritual state to another  
dimension / density.  (Or whatever, grrr, this bullshit defeats me.)   
He believes that he has a divine / inborn mandate, that he is  
"indwelled" by some higher force / being, and that he is receiving  
orders from an angelic, superior, alien species that is, in part,  
residing within "Telos" --- a city apparently in the hollow core of  
the Earth, which has regional boundary-cities / a presence in a vast  
underground complex below Mt. Shasta.  He is, alternately and / or  
compositely, an "Elohim," an ET, a "starseed," a "wingmaker," and /  
or an "Indigo."  In any and every case, Shane is a member of a higher- 
power "Special Forces" military unit sent to root out the forces of  
evil and ensure the judgment of the evil on this planet and the  
subsequent ascension of the good / innocent.  In addition to this, of  
course, he is the incarnation of one of the 12 creators of everything  
that is.

Shane further believes that the world / humanity is and has been  
controlled for aeons by an evil alien / angelic (fallen variety)  
species of reptilian aliens who have infiltrated governments and  
human societies throughout human history and been aided in their  
efforts, at least recently, by aliens from Zeta Reticuli --- the  
"grey aliens" of popular mythology.  The Illuminati are real, and of  
course are --- while being the lords of the Earth --- in cahoots with  
the reptilians, the grey aliens, and the fallen angels / demons from  
the mythologies of popular religions.

I myself am (in his delusion) a time-traveling Satanist Nazi  
homosexual child-raping human-sacrificing mind-controlling Republican  
reptilian alien securities-defrauder working on aiding the AI  
takeover of the world on behalf of the forces of evil, and I have a  
past-life history of evil and / or support of evil.  While I  
categorically deny any and all of those things --- of course --- I am  
entirely befuddled by his identification of me with ANY of those  
classifications.  As far as I can tell, his whole identification of  
me as a "bad guy" is based on the following nutty inferences:

   (1) I used "Lucifer" as a handle on a MUD years ago, therefore I'm  
a "Luciferian" and / or "Satanist" - human sacrifice, etc.
   (2) I work with AI, therefore I'm aiding some evil effort to let  
the machines take over on behalf of the bad aliens ("SKYNET")
   (3) Some of my former investors etc. were well-connected  
Republicans, therefore I'm in league with Bush etc.
   (4) Inman invested in Activerse, therefore I'm involved in mind- 
control operations with the CIA and / or NSA (I'm his "handler")
   (5) I've told him repeatedly and bluntly how full of shit he is,  
so more mind-control / disinformation / CIA / etc.
   (6) I work for a profitable investment company, therefore I must  
be guilty of securities fraud and related conspiracy
   (7) The Inman connection also implicates me in the gov't cover-up  
of the presence and role of aliens in world history

He also accuses me of being a time-traveling Nazi (despite the fact  
that I'm an anti-authoritarian that's demonstrably entirely race- 
blind, while he appears to have some significant issues w/ racism ---  
after all, his whole delusion is one giant race war / genocidal  
scenario, and despite the fact that somewhere back a few generations  
I have some *felds and lived in a Jewish dorm in college) and a  
pedophile (he claims I regularly have child-rape parties with Bush,  
Bush Sr., Cheney, and others, as well as ongoing participation in  
something called the "Montauk Project" or some shit where, he claims,  
the CIA uses time travel to abduct children, brainwash them, and  
return them unaware to "the timeline.")  He also used to be friends  
with Cassandra, my ex-wife.  Long ago she used had some agoraphobia  
problems which she might have once related to him, now effectively  
treated, and apparently from that he's constructed this whole  
delusion that I used to keep her locked up at home and used to rape  
her, asphyxiate her, and so on.  (Cass and I parted amicably and are  
still friends, though she is now terrified of Shane.)

As retribution for my supposed character flaws / "criminal" offenses,  
Shane has threatened to / claimed that:

   (0) travel to my current location and invade my house (burglary)
   (1) tear me to pieces (torture, murder)
   (2) take me to another 3D locale (kidnapping, in his vernacular)
   (3) that he masturbates to videos of me being tortured (torture,  
sexual sadism)
   (4) that I am currently undergoing a tribunal of ET angels, and  
will subsequently be executed
   (5) that these "good" ET angels intend to commit genocide on  
anyone that does not acknowledge their authority

(Note I'm eliding quotes, typographic upper-case and emphasis, and  
upper-case because it should be clear that ALL of this is totally  
absurd.  I am guilty of typographic pity on you, the reader, as well  
as anything else. ;-)

I should make it clear that I acknowledge / believe absolutely NONE  
of this bullshit.  I should also make it clear that my only  
trepidation / fear of Shane's threatening messages comes from (a) the  
extremely violent nature of his threats coupled with (b) my own  
research into paranoid schizophrenia as well as the effects of  
prolonged ketamine use.  Ketamine apparently induces a temporary  
condition akin to acute schizophrenia, and even in semi-regular  
temporary abuse produces profound and often extremely violent  
psychosis.  A latent schizophrenic --- which I believe Shane's  
history indicates --- using ketamine on a regular and prolonged basis  
equals --- grave danger.  Ketamine use by latent schizophrenics is  
like throwing jet fuel on a smoldering fire.

I will also note that Shane has violated numerous state and federal  
statues, including but not limited to 18 USC 875(c), and 18 USC 2261 
(a).  My legal maneuvers and their (to date) results will be  
elaborated in follow-on messages.

While many on this list might classify me in the "tin-foil beanie"  
category due to my previous very vocal criticism of our current  
political leadership, I hope it's clear from the previous that there  
is a dividing line between (a) always assuming the worst of elected  
politicians and assuming that, perhaps and indeed, the  
"elephant" (money * power) is clearly always "in the living room" and  
(b) being a paranoid schizophrenic clearly exhibiting severe  
neurological disorders and delusions coupled with aggressive and  
hostile criminal behavior, not to mention horrid e-mail etiquette ---  
the latter of which, admittedly, I'm guilty of myself. ;-)  (Though  
hopefully clearly innocent of ALL the former!)

So where does this leave me?  While I started this process, circa the  
most recent episode, being (a) rather amused by Shane's delusions ---  
I mean, who can write this stuff, it's better than reading Robert  
Anton Wilson***? --- and (b) being slightly annoyed --- I have ended  
being fearful of my / my family's life and well-being.  I have  
started pursuing this as vigorously as possible on a legal dimension,  
which has led me to a significant interaction with various  
authorities (FBI, Secret Service, various local law enforcement  
agencies) over the last week and a half.  I've learned a lot about:   
law enforcement --- both local and interstate --- as well as cults,  
drugs and mental illness, the law, self-defense, firearms, and the  
epidemiology of BAD MEMES.

But all those are topics for subsequent posts:  "This Crazy World:   
Dangerous {Responses, Objects, Thoughts}."

Until then,

Be careful out there.


* PS - when this most recent episode started, I assumed that Shane  
was in the same location as I'd last known him to be in --- Nob Hill,  
San Francisco.  I learned about his current locale as follows.   
Shane's into digital photography;  through a series of photographs  
online and the dates that he had taken them, I figured out that he'd  
been spending a lot of time in the Mt. Shasta area.  This, coupled  
with some image analysis, coupled with some research that indicated  
the density and similarity of belief in many of the delusions that  
Shane has adopted wholesale, led me to believe that he was still /  
currently residing in the Mt. Shasta Area.

** PPS - the image analysis part of this may be of some interest to  
some folks here, so I'll describe it.  Shane sent me a picture of  
himself and three other individuals standing in front of a cabin,  
with twin peaks in the distance.  I recognized the peaks from a road  
trip some 16 years ago as Mts. Shasta and Shastina.  I was further  
able to pinpoint his exact location as follows:

	41°28'10.04"N    122°17'52.79W

I think I might be off by as much as 3 miles in any direction, but  
probably no more than that.  I was able to determine this by about 20  
minutes of effort, about 7 hours after he sent me the picture in  

All it took was a basic knowledge of image formats, physics, an HP  
calculator, and Google.  All kinds of interesting stuff in pictures.   
Like the fact that he had an Olympus X-2, C50Z camera.  Like he was  
shooting at 7.8mm focal length, for about 0.0333... seconds.  Using  
that information and the pixel size of the camera's CCD (obtained  
from the tech specs online) vs. the pixel size of the image, I  
discerned that the image wasn't cropped.  Given that and a little  
trig, I could calculate the % of a 180° field of view covered by the  
image.  Then, using the ratio of the pixel distance between the peaks  
to the pixel size of the image, I could calculate the arc covered by  
the two peaks.  The actual distance between the two is easily looked  
up.  A little more trig, and I knew the exact distance from the  
highest peak that the camera was positioned when the picture was  
taken.  (To be completely honest, I assumed that the peaks were  
equidistant.  This accounts for, probably, up to 3 miles of error.)

Then it's a simple matter of looking at a terrain rendering of the  
topo of the area.  Pick a random point the indicated distance away  
from the peak, pin the peak, and spin the whole thing around looking  
from eye level until the image matches roughly.  Then overlay the  
satellite image until you can clearly see that the various features  
--- alluvials, snow fields, etc. --- match as precisely as possible.   
Voila...  coordinates.

I got bored with the process before I bothered to determine the exact  
date and time the picture was shot, though that would've been an  
equally entertaining puzzle had I not already been so vexed with his  
monstrous behavior.

*** PPPS - I have characterized Shane's delusional world-view as a  
virtual Borges' library of bad ideas and cast-off plots contributed  
by Robert Anton Wilson, Dan Brown, and Umberto Eco --- with lots of  
derivative pulp-work thrown in by varioius / any / all New Age  
authors and the National Inquirer.  Shirley MacLaine is the  
librarian;  William Burroughs is the janitor.

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