[FoRK] Scooped-validated -> scoopval

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Tue Mar 14 10:39:49 PST 2006

I'm so used to being scooped-validated, nothing surprises me.  I need a 
neologism to describe it.  Do you have a better word to propose coining?

Scoopval'd = Having one of your favorite and apparently innovative ideas 
come to fruition -- through someone else's work, but at the same time 
being, more or less secretly, validated that you had the idea 
independently.  When people are in tune with the state of technology, 
the market, and ideas, this will of course happen often.  Sometimes 
however you have an idea, may or may not make a play to get it going, 
and it doesn't show up in the wild for a year or more.  That's when you 
know you should seriously think about working harder to get them out there.

I kicked myself for several years about CAPTCHA.  I'm happy that, as far 
as I know, no one is making anything significant on it so that it wasn't 
such a big loss.

Real genius is having a leap of an idea that is either very far ahead of 
others or something that no one might ever have thought of.  Few reach 
that level.


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