[FoRK] Scooped-validated -> scoopval

Adam L Beberg < beberg at mithral.com > on > Tue Mar 14 11:48:16 PST 2006

Stephen D. Williams wrote on 3/14/2006 10:39 AM:
> I'm so used to being scooped-validated, nothing surprises me.  I need a 
> neologism to describe it.  Do you have a better word to propose coining?
> Scoopval'd = Having one of your favorite and apparently innovative ideas 
> come to fruition -- through someone else's work, but at the same time 
> being, more or less secretly, validated that you had the idea 
> independently.  When people are in tune with the state of technology, 
> the market, and ideas, this will of course happen often.  Sometimes 
> however you have an idea, may or may not make a play to get it going, 
> and it doesn't show up in the wild for a year or more.  That's when you 
> know you should seriously think about working harder to get them out there.

You mean everyone doesn't have this happen to them weekly if not daily?

I live in and endless repeat of the bar & mail route scene from the 
movie Phenomenon... you'll know the one I mean.

Adam L. Beberg

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