[FoRK] Amazon S3 storage service

Mark Neely < mpn at infolution.com.au > on > Tue Mar 14 15:50:02 PST 2006


>So, I think this looks really useful, but I can't imagine how in the
>hell this fits with Amazon's business model. Anyone? Anyone?

Actually, it dove-tails quite well with their business model.

Amazon is preparing to launch a digital content store (music + 
videos) to rival iTunes. It has to do this - 70% of its revenue still 
comes from CDs, books + DVDs. If the market shifts to digital (as it 
is), and it doesn't go with it, then it dies.

Now that consumers are getting comfortable with digital content, 
there is a new market opportunity: offering safe storage services. 
I'd wager that every one on this list has had a HDD crash at one time 
or another. If you've invested significant $ into digital content, 
you'd be willing to pay a bit more to know it will still be 
accessible even if your primary storage/playback device dies.

Hence off-site storage services. If you buy the content from Amazon, 
it makes sense you'd also trust them to store a back-up copy for you.



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